by First Class Auto Land

Many people don't realize the difference or advantages between buying from a Pre-Owned Certified vehicle and just buying from a Used Car dealer or personal owner. I'll take this opportunity to shed light on my top 3 big advantages of using a Pre-Owned Certified vehicle .

1. Pre-Owned Certified  vehicles all come with a near PERFECT warranty. The warranty covers everything on the vehicle from your fuel pump to your transmission and all electrical.

2. Non Certified Pre Owned cars come with whatever warranty is offered by the seller or dealership. This is not a horrible thing, but many times it does not cover EVERYTHING. Most dealer warranties cover engine, transmission and some electrical.

3. Power train warranty - This warranty is thought and assumed to cover everything in the car, but really only covers part of the engine and transmission. This is not a bad warranty but is nothing compared to a Pre-Owned Certified vehicle warranty that covers everything.

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- The First Class guy!